Addition of 10G Base-T to HPE MSA reinforces promise of simplicity, performance, affordability

Thursday, August 05 2021 05:51

You can now integrate the new MSA 2060/2062 flash-ready, hybrid storage arrays with 10GBase-T host connectivity to deliver hands-free, affordable application acceleration for demanding SMB workloads.

Addition of 10G Base-T to HPE MSA reinforces promise of simplicity, performance, affordability - Blog Cover

Designed for the SMB customer, built for HPE ProLiant workloads 

Over the past decade, HPE MSA Storage has become a house-hold name for SMB and remote office/branch office (ROBO) customers who want to integrate array-based, shared storage for their HPE ProLiant server workloads. With more than 500,000 storage arrays deployed by customers since its inaugural launch in 1996, HPE’s MSA Storage portfolio has consistently delivered multiple generations of shared storage solutions based on three principles: 1) Make it simple; 2) Deliver performance that the user can see and feel; 3) Offer value that cannot be matched within the IT industry. 

Next generation MSA continues to deliver its promise

Continuing to focus on simple, fast, and affordable storage solutions, HPE launched its new MSA Gen6 portfolio of flash-ready, hybrid storage solutions in September 2020. To no one’s surprise, the new MSA 1060 array supporting 10GBase-T host connectivity has been a great success for HPE and its SMB customers. With backward compatibility to 1Gb Ethernet infrastructure, and the ability to match the performance of SFP-based 10GbE connectivity, 10GBase-T with native integrated copper Ethernet ports is a great option for customers looking to reduce infrastructure costs when adding new storage. With this success, HPE MSA Gen6 expanded its 10GBase-T host connectivity capabilities on July 6, 2021, by launching MSA 2060 and MSA 2062 array models with dual 4-port controllers in both large form factor (LFF) and small form factor (SFF) options. 

Lower infrastructure costs with the added benefit of increased capacity and performance

So, what does this mean for MSA customers?  You can now double the performance and triple the capacity of your shared storage solution, as compared to the MSA 1060, while enjoying the lower IT infrastructure cost benefits of 10GBase-T connectivity. No more SFP’s required to connect storage to host. Simply utilize lower-cost CAT6/7 cabling (you probably have some in the storage closet already) instead of expensive SFP optical cabling. Additionally, you can use lower cost copper-based Ethernet switches to deploy your array. In all, you can reduce your infrastructure costs by 50% or more when deploying MSA Gen6 with a 10GBase-T controller as compared to other optical-based SAN infrastructure options.

Significantly increase capacity while continuing to lower the cost of your storage

And, before you click on the HPE MSA Gen6 link to learn more about the new 10GBase-T array models, you might also want to know that HPE recently made it even easier to add more storage capacity to the MSA portfolio by delivering an 18TB hard drive option. A key feature upgrade of MSA Gen6 allows you to add up to 9 additional 2U storage expansion enclosures (MSA Gen5 supported the addition of 7 enclosures). With this additional expansion capability, the 18TB hard drive option increases total storage capacity by 38% over MSA Gen5 while reducing overall storage costs by more than 10%.

Simple. Fast. Affordable. The HPE MSA Gen6 – the preferred entry-level SAN storage solution for HPE ProLiant servers.

Mike Ewell
Storage Experts
Hewlett Packard Enterprise