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HPE Renew

What is HPE Renew?

The HPE Renew Program offers you a comprehensive portfolio of completely remanufactured HPE HIT products at attractive and affordable prices. HPE warranty is assured as all HPE Renew products undergo the same rigorous test process as for new products.

Why should I buy HPE Renew products?

Great Value for Money

Great Value for Money

Get high quality solutions and save at least 15% with remanufactured Hewlett Packard Enterprise products, offering the same reliability, functionality, and warranty as new HPE products. HPE Renew delivers high performance, low cost solutions where price really counts.

Great Value for Money

HPE Certified Quality

HPE Renew products undergo complete remanufacturing and testing processes, fully restoring them to meet Hewlett Packard Enterprise’s stringent quality standards and ensuring they meet all original factory specifications.

Great Value for Money

Full HPE Warranty

HPE Renew products are covered by the full, same-as-new HPE warranty, guaranteeing HPE quality and reliability. Just like new Hewlett Packard Enterprise products, the warranty period starts from the date of purchase, and refreshes the full original warranty. Additional service and support options are available to complement the product warranty.

Great Value for Money

Broad Range of HPE Solutions

Fulfill specific business needs with our comprehensive portfolio of fully remanufactured Hewlett Packard Enterprise solutions. HPE Renew offers you current, state of the art technology, in addition to older generation equipment. HPE Renew is also the sole source of discontinued, legacy Hewlett Packard Enterprise technologies.

Great Value for Money


Make sustainable choices for the environment when you choose remanufactured Hewlett Packard Enterprise products. HPE Renew ensures returned, loaned or trial units are thoroughly remanufactured so they can be fully utilized and don’t end up unnecessarily wasted.

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