Achieve a global view into your IT Infrastructure with HPE OneView

Wednesday, February 09 2022 05:30

IT administrators around the world are using the HPE OneView unified platform management tool to automate their IT infrastructure and focus on other tasks that will help grow the business. IT administrators continue to be expected to do more with less, and finding ways to manage their IT infrastructure is vital to their success. A value add to managing their IT infrastructure is the ability to provide in-depth reporting and accurate information in a consistent method.

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For customers with multiple HPE OneView appliances, a unified reporting option is available to enhance all their HPE infrastructure. HPE OneView Global Dashboard provides umbrella reporting that can cover up to 75 HPE OneView appliances and 20,000 HPE ProLiant servers.

HPE OneView Global Dashboard is a complimentary feature that comes with an HPE OneView advanced license. It offers up to 15 report options that provide detailed information including:

  • in-depth server inventory
  • interconnect inventory and reporting
  • remote support status
  • enclosure firmware inventory, which shows what firmware version is loaded.

IT administrators can have proactive reporting of detailed data that can be shared with management and anyone needing that data.

NXP Semiconductors saves time with HPE OneView Global Dashboard

An example of an HPE customer using HPE OneView Global Dashboard to save time is NXP Semiconductors. Based in the Netherlands, they develop connectivity solutions for the secure identification, automotive, industrial manufacturing, retail and communication industries. NXP Semiconductors had a challenge managing their 35 HPE OneView appliances, 2400 HPE BladeSystem c7000 enclosures, and 170 HPE Synergy Frames. Because their IT infrastructure is spread across the globe in 30 countries, it takes a lot of work to manage it properly.

With HPE OneView Global Dashboard, IT administrators at NXP Semiconductors can quickly spot any critical alerts or needed IT maintenance across their complete IT infrastructure. When they receive an alert, through automation, the alert is corrected within minutes. Prior to HPE OneView, it would take IT administrators several days to identify routine issues; now it only takes five hours a week. The extra time now allows them to focus more resources on new innovations and better processes to grow the business.

New HPE OneView Global Dashboard 1.9 Features

HPE OneView Global Dashboard 1.9 is now available and extends the advanced capabilities of the previous releases with the following enhancements:

  • Enhanced report customization including enabling/disabling sections of the report
  • Added enclosure model to inventory report
  • Added report generation time resources
  • Resource lists can now be exported in CSV format security
  • Simplified certificate handling, including self-signed certificate creation and forced certificate acceptance

To learn more about HPE OneView Global Dashboard and how its in-depth reporting can enhance your HPE OneView appliances, take a look at the following:  HPE OneView Global Dashboard demo, HPE OneView Global Dashboard features and HPE OneView Global Dashboard website. HPE also offers a FREE 60-day trial of HPE OneView advanced that includes HPE OneView Global Dashboard. Don't pass up the opportunity to realize the benefits of HPE OneView for FREE!

Ryan Harris
HPE OneView Product Marketing Manager, Worldwide
Hewlett Packard Enterprise

Twitter: @RHColorado1