Why Buy Certified HPE Genuine Replacement Parts?

Don't compromise quality, reliability and performance

Using Certified HPE Genuine Replacement Parts helps ensure that HPE Products continue to operate to HPE's demanding specifications and quality levels.

Industry Leading Quality

All HPE parts go through disciplined quality and test processes to ensure reliability

Optimized Performance

All HPE parts are tested and shipped with the latest firmware to ensure optimal performance?

Quick & Easy Installation

All HPE parts are shipped with the correct kitting, including appropriate carriers and cables?

Did you know?

1.8 Trillion

Worldwide counterfeiting cost per year

15% more

Counterfeited goods traded every year


Of seizures are for computers and accessories

Dangers of using noncertified, nongenuine HPE Parts

Fire or electric shock

Damage to customer’s product

Poor quality

Criminal consequences

How to identify certified genuine HPE replacement parts

1. Check External Packaging

Is the drive packed in an individual cardboard carton with a tamper evident?

2. Check Internal Packaging

Is the drive cradled in a styrofoam or thermal bun?

3. Check the Drive

Does the drive have a security label?

Always be Sure

By purchasing your parts from an authorized partner network you can be confident you're always buying certified genuine HPE replacement parts

Report the Counterfeit

If you suspect counterfeit product, contact: hardware.counterfeitvalidation@hpe.com

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