Our Service

Customers come to CBS seeking solutions, and we deliver.

There comes a time over where your business needs suddenly outstrip and overwhelm your current technology. This is when Creative Business Solutions steps in to provide customers with high-quality products and real world solutions. However, we know that just providing the products you need is not enough. 

CBS is staffed with some of the most knowledgeable and experienced professionals to assist our customers with networking, storage and other tech needs.

  • Complete Pre-Sale Support – identifying your needs and the proper system that will meet and expand as you grow.
  • Server Installation and Configuration to optimize operations and handle increasing demands for access to your sites and system.
  • Free Integration – rather than send customers a pallet of boxes, CBS delivers completely integrated systems built to exact customer specifications. Our customers waste no time configuring their system, everything arrives pre-installed and ready to go.

Whether you need a system that is better able to handle the volume and speed at which you function or your system is simply obsolete, CBS is here to provide you with proven solutions and high-quality hardware.

Contact Us today to better understand how our knowledge and experience will have a positive impact on your bottom line.